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Wish list

Which topics would like to see dealt with in presentations and workshops at Warpstock Europe 2007?

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See the Wish list for Warpstock Europe 2008.

[Edit]Your suggestions for Warpstock Europe 2007

  • "Netlabs for Dummies": Explain to us how many people you are, what they are doing, answer stupid questions ("Will Voyager run my REXX code?") and give a wrap-up from the developer workshop (what happened, was it useful, any outcomes? New projects, ideas?).
  • I would like to have an "open discussion session" with some stakeholders (Netlabs, Mensys, Serenity?) regarding the current situation, future and business model/opportunities (if any) for eCS
  • One thing I would like to see is a basic grounding in GCC and linking—especially converting from EMX to Innotek. Paul Smedly's Unix porting environment would be interesting too—but I have no idea where in the world he is or if he would do anything.
  • How to set up a proper development environment for eCS with available enviromnent tools, if possible with free- and shareware. The developed programs may not fail by the use of the development environment, i.e. no bugs allowed in the compiler. If the program fails, then it's a bug in the programming. It has to be some kind of kick-off for starters.
  • Where to find good information about eCS in depth without having to consult all kinds of time-consuming forums. As an example, if I want to develop a driver, where to look for information about a driver model.
  • A beginner's guide to using RSJ for creating CDs, and especially DVDs. And then an expert's guide to using it! Especially the command-line interface, that seems to be a mystery to all.
  • How to set up a music-distribution system to allow playing music around the house via Ethernet, using OS/2 and available "Media Server" devices.
  • How to use network storage devices (NAS, SAMBA, etc.) to produce centralised disk storage that can be accessed by OS/2, and in particular to use these to hold backups of OS/2 machines' disks.
  • I'd like to hear something about applications for listening/recording internet audio and video streams and for creating video DVDs. I have little experience in this area but it is not sufficient to hold a presentation. (See "INT03 - How to use Internet media streams.")
  • Since disk sizes are increasing every day (it seems!) it would be very useful to have a session on how to upgrade an existing system, moving everything onto a larger drive, increasing partition sizes, dealing with each type of partition, and so on.
  • How to install eCS or OS/2 Warp 4.5 on an Open Source Emulator like QEMU or BOCHS because in a few years, there will be no hardware with native support available. (See "APP01 - Using VirtualBox and eComStation - the other way.")

See the Wish list for Warpstock Europe 2008.

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