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ALL01 warpstock.eu - An Infrastructure for Creating OS/2 Events

donderdag 14:15 Harba - Lorifa
vrijdag 16:30 Harba - Lorifa

For years, the organizers of Warpstock Europe events each had to start from scratch. There was nothing to help them with organizational tasks, coordination, and building and maintaining the event web site. After Warpstock Europe 2006, a group consisting of that year's organizers and some users decided to change that. An Internet-based platform was created that not only provides the means for...

ALL02 Quo vadis, Warpstock Europe?

vrijdag 17:30 Harba - Lorifa

In the past the organisation of Warpstock Europe has often been a last-minute effort with the event teams having to break their backs to deliver a decent event. The obvious results were numerous. Generally speaking, the experience for both the event team and visitors was suboptimal. This in turn resulted in reluctance to get involved in an event—another one on the event team's side, and at all on...

ALL03 Introducing a flexible icon engine for eComStation

zaterdag 10:00 Harba - Lorifa
donderdag 11:00 Harba - Lorifa

This presentation shows how to bring state-of-the-art icon handling to the eComStation desktop. The detailed icon engine offers the ability to use arbitrary sized icons created from, e.g., PNG image files. The Cairo graphics library can be used to build icons on the fly using a simple description language, so that the user isn't limited to a given set of images.

ALL04 Voyager Project Status

vrijdag 15:15 Harba - Lorifa
zaterdag 15:15 Harba - Lorifa

This session gives an overview about the current state of the Voyager Project, as well as a slight insight into the current efforts to start a design for it.

ALL05 eComStation 2.0 and beyond

donderdag 16:30 Harba - Lorifa
vrijdag 11:00 Harba - Lorifa

See the new eComStation 2.0 in detail, with an overview of its new concepts and features. Moreover, this session displays the roadmap for further development after 2.0 is out.

ALL06 Evolutionary Sprint 2007/11

donderdag 12:00 Harba - Lorifa
zaterdag 14:15 Harba - Lorifa
No presentation handouts available yet

This session discusses the perspectives of eComStation untill 2009. The so-called Evolutionary Sprint is the plan of evolutionary eComStation development approach. We are going sum up the results of 2007, remembering what is new in eComStation. The main goal is check the current road-map together with users and discuss the targets and roles of every member in the community.

ALL07 Danware NetOp

donderdag 15:15 De Kersop
vrijdag 10:00 De Kersop

APP01 Using VirtualBox and eComStation - the other way

vrijdag 10:00 Harba - Lorifa
zaterdag 12:00 Harba - Lorifa
No presentation handouts available yet

This enduser-oriented session introduces to InnoTek's virtualization solution VirtualBox from the eComStation users point of view. Some sample installations are shown on really new hardware systems, never designed for being used together with OS/2 or eComStation.

APP02 My Desktop

donderdag 11:00 De Kersop
vrijdag 16:30 De Kersop
No presentation handouts available yet

This session discusses the progress of eComStation desktop.This includes a review of general WPS extenders, new sub-systems, an overview of system indicators and banner systems, new control elements and applications embedded to the desktop.

LAN01 Virtual Switching Technologies for eComStation

donderdag 15:15 Harba - Lorifa
vrijdag 12:00 Harba - Lorifa

Virtual private network (VPN) and OS virtualization technologies require specific network interfaces on the operating system. This session presents common concepts and shows how they are currently being implemented on eComStation.

LAN02 Genmac V2.1 - Current Status

vrijdag 14:15 Harba - Lorifa
zaterdag 11:00 Harba - Lorifa

This session shows you the current status on the upcoming Genmac V2.1 product and discusses several issues such as making Genmac Open Source, hardware supported by it, using WLAN encryption, installing, benchmarking and simple debugging of Genmac, as well as an outlook on things to come.

LAN03 Using eComStation in heterogenous SMB networks

vrijdag 15:15 De Kersop
zaterdag 12:00 De Kersop

This session shows tips and tricks when using eComStation in an SMB network. This includes topics like using Samba 3 with eComStation, different kinds of EA support of Windows and Linux via the network, the different LAN Manager protocols, using NetBIOS via TCP/IP on XP, using SMB over TCP with Netdrive and using dsync to make backups in the background via the network. If time allows, some...

DEV01 Creating XPCOM components

donderdag 14:15 De Kersop
zaterdag 10:00 De Kersop
No presentation handouts available yet

This session introduces XPCOM, the platform independant equivalent to the Windows COM object model, being used by the Mozilla applications. Learn how to create and build a simple XPCOM component, in order to extend Mozilla applications like Firefox, and how it interferes with the XPCOM runtime.

DEV02 Create WarpIN packages the smart way

vrijdag 11:00 De Kersop
zaterdag 14:15 De Kersop

When using the installaton package manager WarpIN for larger projects that contain several component packages, using the Warpin compiler and its script format show some shortcomings, leading to problems when creating the packages. This session shows a new preprocessor mkwpi, written in REXX, taking true XML configuration files as input, and generating a WIS script, and out of that a resulting WPI...

DEV03 Using XML from REXX

vrijdag 14:15 De Kersop
donderdag 12:00 De Kersop

This session shows you a completely new approach for reading XML files in REXX scripts, using the upcoming RXXML library. While this REXX extension is based on the open source library libxml and there is already a REXX extension named REXXXML available as part of the eCS port of this library, RXXML provides a much easier one-call interface to read a complete XML file and make its contents...

DEV04 How to keep eCS components in synch for NLS

zaterdag 11:00 De Kersop
zaterdag 15:15 De Kersop
No presentation handouts available yet

This session is an update to the session Translation in action of last years Warpstock Europe and provides you with the news around translating with the Translation Manager/2 (TM/2) from IBM and the latest translation efforts around eComStation.

DEV05 eComStation Developer Connection

donderdag 15:15 De Wierda
zaterdag 12:00 De Wierda
No presentation handouts available yet

The development of new drivers and applications for eComStation is labour-intensive. We are going to publish guidelines how to start the development of new program, how to improve current software. This includes an overview of new libraries and control elements and the perspectives untill 2009.

DEV06 A Freely Programmable USB-Interface for eComStation

donderdag 16:30 De Wierda
vrijdag 15:15 De Wierda

The presentation shows a possible way to overcome the barrier of missing USB drivers for eCS. Instead of programming one particular driver for a particular USB device, it explains how the already existing driver 'usbecd.sys' by Wim Brul can do the job easily. Together with the famous USB interface module 'DLP-USB245M' and a microcontroller (MCU), the presentation shows how to build USB devices...

WSH01 Maul Publisher Training Session

vrijdag 10:00 De Wierda
No presentation handouts available yet

This workshop is designed to show how you set up Maul Publisher to create documents on the eComStation platform. One can never be certain how such a workshop will evolve on the day, but the plan is to show the following: Installation - FreeType, ePDF, quePDF, GhostScript, and sane2twain. Setup - How to set up pages to work how you want. Clipart - How to create labels or logos, how to make them...

INT01 Installing an OAMP server - Update

donderdag 16:30 De Kersop
vrijdag 12:00 De Kersop

This session is an update to the same session of last year's Warpstock Europe, showing the most current issues when setting up an Apache, MySQL, and PHP on OS/2 or eComStation. The session covers all relevant parts to get you guided through your home-made setup including prerequisites, download sources, installation and configuration, and testing of the used components, as well as some...

INT03 How to use Internet media streams

vrijdag 14:15 De Wierda
zaterdag 14:15 De Wierda

INT04 Firefox extension

vrijdag 16:30 De Wierda
No presentation handouts available yet

Firefox is more than a browser: driven by XUL, a powerful UI-language, Javascript and C-based component, it became a highly flexible structure. This session initiates you with writing XUL and shows you how to add your own extension to Firefox in no time.

INT05 Using Jeti/2

zaterdag 10:00 De Wierda
No presentation handouts available yet

This session shows the Jeti/2 Jabber client, implemented in Java. It discusses the installation, usage and tips&tricks for that client.