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At the Youth Hostel

If you don't require a wealth of comfort, the most practical place to stay at is the youth hostel itself. All rooms have ensuite shower and toilet. You can choose among double bed rooms or dormitories with 4 and 6 beds.

The hostel can house approximately 150 people, so you are advised to book in advance. You do not have to be member of any youth hostel foundation or group in order to be entitled to accomodate at the hostel! Just make sure you mention "Warpstock Europe" somehow in your booking request.

For booking, please visit the Stayokay Valkenswaard web page.

The following special offer for Warpstock Europe guests has been arranged with the Stayokay hostel. For 75 EUR per person (normal price is 87.60 EUR) it includes if reserved in advance:

Fridaylunch, diner, overnight stay
Saturdaybreakfast, lunch, diner, overnight stay

breakfast and lunch

The price includes bedding. Towels are extra, and are available per request.

If you do cannot reserve in advance, you don't want to stay for the whole event, or want to stay longer, the following prices apply. All prices are EUR per person.

Accomodation prices
IncludesMonday to Thursday, Sunday to ThursdayFriday, Saturday
2 bed room4 bed room6 bed room2 bed room4 bed room6 bed room
overnight stay, breakfast25.4021.4020.0030.8026.0024.20
overnight stay, breakfast, diner34.2030.2028.8041.6036.8035.00
overnight stay, breakfast, packed lunch29.8025.8024.4036.2031.4029.60
overnight stay, breakfast, lunch32.0028.0026.6039.0034.2032.40
overnight stay, breakfast, packed lunch, diner36.8032.8031.4044.6040.0038.40
overnight stay, breakfast, lunch, diner39.0035.0033.6047.4042.6040.80

Hotels, Guest Houses, Bed & Breakfast

If you prefer a hotel, a guest house, or a B & B, there are many places to stay around Valkenswaard. Please note, however, that no special arrangements have been made with any of these. For more information, please visit one of the following web sites: