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Thorolf Godawa (Germany)

Thorolf Godawa

Thorolf started in 1985 with hardware development and assembler programming on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, later on with a Sinclair QL (32-bit). In 1993 he got his first 386-compatible system and got in touch with DOS, Minix, Linux and since 1994/95 (after upgrading his PC to 8MB RAM) with IBM OS/2 Warp 3.
He worked several years as a system administrator for OS/2 networks at an IBM subsidiary. By now he is a freelancer for network and server technology, mostly based on Linux, no more OS/2 :-( , some Apple MacOS X :-) and unfortunately also some Windows :-( . But he still uses OS/2 for his work, including a server with ACP2, clients with MCP2 and even eCS on his laptop. He is experienced in programming with REXX, Shell, PHP, Python and Java, administration and database development of Lotus Domino/Notes and some other interesting (Linux) software like Asterisk or Xen.