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Last update: 09/01/2007 03:34

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ALL01 - An Infrastructure for Creating OS/2 Events

Thursday 14:15 Harba - Lorifa
Friday 16:30 Harba - Lorifa

For years, the organizers of Warpstock Europe events each had to start from scratch. There was nothing to help them with organizational tasks, coordination, and building and maintaining the event web site.

After Warpstock Europe 2006, a group consisting of that year's organizers and some users decided to change that. An Internet-based platform was created that not only provides the means for running the event web site without in-depth HTML-knowledge but that also acts as a center for communication and coordination, and as library with a wealth of information as well.

Warpstock Europe 2007 is the first event to utilize this infrastructure. This session takes you on a tour behind the scenes of what is currently visible as and gives an overview of the available tools and a lookout of what is planned.

The presentation is followed by an open talk where you can discuss the platform and its concept with the speakers.