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Last update: 09/01/2007 03:34

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DEV03 Using XML from REXX

Friday 14:15 De Kersop
Thursday 12:00 De Kersop

This session shows you a completely new approach for reading XML files in REXX scripts, using the upcoming RXXML library. While this REXX extension is based on the open source library libxml and there is already a REXX extension named REXXXML available as part of the eCS port of this library, RXXML provides a much easier one-call interface to read a complete XML file and make its contents available for the REXX script.
This also includes validation of the XML data by either a DTD or XML schema, so that a REXX programmer does not have to code data validation in the REXX script anymore, as well as the execution of XPath queries, the query method to only read a specific part from a XML file.

See also the session "DEV02 - Create Warpin packages the smart way" where RXXML is being used to read XML configuation files in a larger scale.