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Last update: 09/01/2007 03:34

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ALL02 Quo vadis, Warpstock Europe?

Friday 17:30 Harba - Lorifa

In the past the organisation of Warpstock Europe has often been a last-minute effort with the event teams having to break their backs to deliver a decent event. The obvious results were numerous. Generally speaking, the experience for both the event team and visitors was suboptimal. This in turn resulted in reluctance to get involved in an event—another one on the event team's side, and at all on the visitors' side.

The bad message is: We cannot afford this. The good one is: We don't have to and it's easy! A first step has been made with the creation of the infrastructure (see session ALL01). This session is the next. In an open talk, stakeholders like Mensys,, user groups, and visitors can come together to find and discuss further remedies.