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Last update: 09/01/2007 03:34

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DEV02 Create WarpIN packages the smart way

Friday 11:00 De Kersop
Saturday 14:15 De Kersop

When using the installaton package manager WarpIN for larger projects that contain several component packages, using the Warpin compiler and its script format show some shortcomings, leading to problems when creating the packages. This session shows a new preprocessor mkwpi, written in REXX, taking true XML configuration files as input, and generating a WIS script, and out of that a resulting WPI package file. This method is developed for the AMP4eCS project and will be publicly available later in 2008.

Among the features of this new approach are the support of variables, automatic download and extraction of external packages such as ZIP or WPI for required files, and the ability of including separate package definitions in a project, helping much to avoid redundancies in complex projects, which cannot be avoided with the standalone WarpIN script format.

See also the session "DEV03 - Using XML from REXX" where the REXX extension RXXML is introduced, which is used within mkwpi to easily read XML files from within REXX.